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04 January 2010 @ 02:39 am
Welcome, friends!  
Hello, and welcome to punchlined, the writing journal of msmoocow. For safety reasons, keep all arms, legs, and eyes inside the journal at all times until the writing has come to a full and complete stop. While it may not be the biggest or most entertaining ride in the park, I do hope you enjoy your stay. Exits are above and to the left, and may be accessed as needed. The lovely renovation should be credited to refuted. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions for improvement--this journal does go through routine maintenance. Have a nice day!

Well, enough content has been gathered, so here is an easily accessible masterlist for the clicking-impaired.

Complete listing (reverse chronological order):

As of April 1, 2007, all entries rated R and above will be locked for friends only. All you need to do is ask to be added. Hell, I won't even ask your age.

Asterisks denote my personal favorites. Not everything here is quality work, you know.


Title: ***Surrogates [LJ2] [CM]
Rating: NC-17 locked
Word count: 3,462
Pairing: Neville/Lavender
Summary: We find connections in the most unlikely places.
Warnings: Mind your ratings, kiddies.
Note: Includes an inspirational soundtrack/mix thingy I made to combat writer's block.

Title: Rob and Ginny's Marriage Issues [No I will not archive this anywhere else, are you crazy?]
Rating: PG-13 for randy thoughts
Word count: 2,363
Pairing: malvernrob/Ginny. Yeah, you heard me.
Summary: Rob and Ginny work out their marriage problems.
Warnings: All-around debauchery. OOC-ization of real people. Unimaginative title. Oh, and it's unbeta'd too.
Note: Written as a response to this story.

Title: ***Sparks [LJ2] [CM] [FFN] [HPFF] [MNFF] [UR] [WT]
Rating: PG
Word count: 2,828 (according to TQP, go figure)
Pairing: Ron/Hermione
Summary: Ron should know better than to trust his twin brothers. Expecially when it comes to matters of the heart.
Warnings: Silly innuendo, use of the word "arse".

Title: ***An Ordinary Man [FFN] [HPFF] [MNFF] [TQP] [UR]
Rating: G, so very G
Word count: 1,927
Pairing: Neville/his gran. Err, make that Neville [comma] his gran. :D
Summary: Suddenly, a broken wand seems inconsequential compared to other things.
Warnings: Does Butterbeer count as alcohol consumption?

Title: Perfect and Awful [LJ2] [TQP]
Rating: R locked
Word count: 2,493
Pairing: Neville/Ginny, Ron/Hermione and Dean/Ginny if you squint hard enough, and Harry/Ginny if you dig with a pickax
Summary: An angry spat with Ron leads to a discussion between Neville and Ginny. Ginny Weasley is nobody's whore. HBP missing moment.
Warnings: Underage liek whoa.




Title: And Nothing [FP]
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance? Angst? Hell if I know.
Summary: Jack and Jill went up the hill...
Beta: midorichi
Word count: 1,428


Title: Mama Didn't Raise No Foo'
Rating: PG
Note: Do not take this one seriously, kay?

Title: ***Of Vice and Virtue
Rating: PG (I guess...)


Title: Beloved Cartoons Contain Subliminal Messages, Influence Impressionable Children
Rating: PG
Genre: Satire, a feeble attempt at humorous ridicule
Summary: Cartoons are like OMG so bad 4 U! And so is same-sex marriage!
Beta: none
Word count: 481
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It was really inspiring I loved it, thanks a ton to bring me back and more closer to my real self and my family.